Question 3

How effective was your audience feedback?


Editing Processes


Here you can see how I edited my music video. I mainly used a the cutting tool (ctrl K) to cut the different clips after syncing them up and marking where I wanted cut, seen by the little markers at the top of the editing bar.

Music Video Feedback

For this feedback I chose to record the actors of the music video watching themselves. This proved interesting as it allowed me to see their honest opinions as well as look gain feedback from my target audience. When uploading other drafts of my music video I can use this feedback to help me improve my work.

Digipak Final Product


Here is an Issuu of my final draft of my Digipak. This digipak has been improved over several months of work. I am happy with my final product.

The separate images can be seen below.

digipak band draft 3

digipak band draft 34

Research into my Band (Auditions)

The band I have chosen for my music video is the band Three Streets from northwest London. This band was formed in 2016 and have recently released their debut EP Lover on all major platforms.

I discovered this band due to the fact I am friends with the drummer. I was unaware he was in this band until early 2017 when they started doing gigs, one notable first gig they did was at The Flag in Watford. Since then as they have grown in popularity and performed at many more gigs I have grown to really enjoy their music and thought it suitable to ask them to perform one of their songs for my music video.

This is one of the gigs I attended, I discovered while watching them perform how they work very well as a unit. At this particular gig they opened up their set by all guitarists facing the drummer, the opening of the song ‘Lies’ is quite long so that allowed for a dramatic start to the gig.  Their use of colour at gigs as well also inspired me to use the red glow in my music video.

The band consists of lead singer Will Tyrell, lead guitarist Jacob Talbot, bassist Louis George and drummer Matt Bushell. These four friends range from 17-18 and are all currently either at sixth form (Jacob) or college. They wrote their EP after experiences of heartbreak and loss which, in my opinion, makes them such a good band as they are passionate about what they are doing.

I chose to film BACKSTABBER after the response this song got at their gigs: it was met with almost all of the crowd singing along. The choice of this song was perfect as it allowed me to create not just a performance music video, but one that shows the band as a unit and a group of friends doing what they love.

Three Streets recently released their own music video for BACKSTABBER which was filmed at the sold out Camden Assembly on November 12th 2017.