Final Music Video



Production Log #20

I have finally finished everything! I am so happy that this journey has come to an end due to how challenging it was. I am pleased to have been able to complete it and now will be spending all my time revising for the exam!

Production Log #19

I have finally finished my evaluation. I am so happy I managed to finish it and believe I have done it effectively.

Over the next few days I will need to complete my final draft of my music video. This should not take me long as I have already filmed what I needed to film.

Planning Summary

The planning stage of my blog saw a step up from the research I previously did. This planning allowed me to fully explore my own ideas in order for me to be able to effectively design my music video and ancillary tasks.

The different types of planning I did were under the headings: ‘Ideas Generation’ , ‘Pre-Production’ and ‘Logistics’ . These three sections allowed me to distinguish what type of planning I was doing in order to effectively organise and plan my music video.

The Idea Generation section of my planning consisted of blog posts such as ‘Response to the Brief’ and ‘Proposal’ . These blog posts allowed me to gain the initial understanding to what I was meant to create for my music video. They set out the basis for my first ideas and ultimately helped me to create my final products. In order to develop my initial ideas I needed to be inspired, I did this with posts such as ‘Inspirations’ and ‘Song Choice Ideas’. After these first posts I was able to continue my ideas generation to a higher level.

The Pre-Production section of my blog allowed me to actually start designing my products with tasks such as ‘Advert Sketches‘ and ‘Digipak Sketches‘. As I began to actually plan my products I was also able to start creating drafts. The posts like ‘Storyboards’ allowed me to get all my ideas onto one page, which I delivered this as a video. I believe this also marked the point where I began to actually start developing my own skills especially as a I began planning and producing.

Finally my work became more technical and professional with Logistics. Here I was able to fill out loads of official documents like ‘Actor Release’ and ‘Location Release’ to show that I am handling this professionally and have gained permission to use the people and locations that I have used. This part of my blog was mainly completed while I was filming which allowed me to show how I was continuing to plan while also produce my final products.

The planning stage of my coursework was vital to the overall outcome, especially as without planning I would not have been able to create what I did. When planning it allowed me to see any possible errors with my ideas and it pushed me to actually start creating my final pieces.

Question 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Editing Processes


Here you can see how I edited my music video. I mainly used a the cutting tool (ctrl K) to cut the different clips after syncing them up and marking where I wanted cut, seen by the little markers at the top of the editing bar.